The main areas of activity ” ENVA OE ” are:

  • Environmental Studies – EIS GMES, Renewal Studies / Modifier environmental conditions (Road, Rail Engineering, Airports, Ports, Building projects, Septic, Hydraulic Works, Flood projects etc.) Technical Environmental Studies (TEPEM) Compliance Folders End Design , statements affiliated to Standard Environmental Commitments (EAPs)
  • Strategic Environmental Impact
  • Specific Environmental studies
  • Transportation and Traffic Studies
  • Spatial and Urban Studies
  • Noise Measurements from the operation of transport works (road – railways, airports) and industrial facilities in accordance with the procedures provided by JMD 211 773 / 04.27.2012
  • Vibration and Air Pollution Measurements
  • Measurement and evaluation of Occupational Noise pursuant to Presidential Decree 149/2006.
  • Special Acoustic Design Computation and Application of noise barriers (EAMYE). These studies include the following sections:
    – Analysis of existing acoustic environment situation
    – Predicting noise level indicators
    – Application sites, audio control panel design
    – Proposed solution – type selection screen (proposed shielding elements , aesthetic vision and sound barriers quality specifications)
  • Preparation of Strategic Noise Maps major highways and railways, airports and agglomerations in accordance with the requirements of Directive 2002/49 / EC (Official Gazette 384 / B / 28.3.2006)
  • Configure and implement public information programs and information projects and raising residents in urban environmental noise management and response.